Happiness is Ugly

by Hand Me That Piano

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released September 1, 2008

all songs written, performed, and recorded by Taylor Everett, except:
"Housewife" lyrics written by Emily Manning.
"Untitled 18" additional vocals by Emily Manning.
all songs recorded in Taylor's Old Bedroom in College Station, Texas during 2008.



all rights reserved


EXNX London, Ontario

Electronic music producer, singer-songwriter, and overall miserablist.

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Track Name: Untitled 19
Sometimes when you look at me, I can't breathe. What if I do something wrong? What if I say something that makes you upset? Covering my face with the shirt that you left in my bed. Smelling you all night always gives me wet dreams. What if you do the same thing? What if you think about me in the shower too? Covering my chest with the soap that has yet to make me clean.
Track Name: Housewife
A housewife is something I hope I will never be. I'll never bake you any sort of muffin or scrub at my sink until it is so sparkling clean that I could just fly. So I'll bathe in my filth and your filth and we will be oh so in love and completely unclean. I don't think I have a personality sometimes because sometimes I don't talk and sometimes I don't think. How can I show you more of me when there isn't any? What if I don't even think about anything? I'm sorry I made you do all of the work; I'm exactly what I said I'm not, and that's a weak-willed, easily-swayed housewife. I want you to see me without wearing any make-up, just so I know you'll still love me the same, so I know you'll fuck me the same.
Track Name: And Nothing More
I need a sweater, I'm so cold. I feel so old, but I'm just a kid. You wouldn't do it, but I did. You ran and hid while I stayed laughing. Nobody even knows my name here so it doesn't matter what I do. This is your hometown, girl, shouldn't you feel so safe? Nobody even knows my name here, I'm a stranger and I feel so safe. Here I am in the dark, crawling underneath the foundation to your house. I dug a hole big enough for the both of us, and a tunnel so we could "fuck everyone else." You're six feet above me, and I can hear your steps. My thighs can feel the carpet on your bare feet. So I'll wait down here for you, with hopes that you'll come join me so I can finally see what you look like, and who you are. Listen at night you can hear my breath at the foot of your bed. I'm just here for the love and nothing more. I'm only here to fuck and nothing more.
Track Name: Untitled 16
It was a dream that threw me into a black hole; a reminder of the best thing that will never happen. It seemed so real. I could see the hairs on your head. I could see every single one. A breeze made them float in the air. The thing that killed me was the glass between our eyes, but don't take it down. It's the only way I know how to look at you. I go through phases where the days seem less painfully, but it all just comes back to my head eventually. Just when I start to forget...
Track Name: Emma (written on my hand)
You said my name and it made me quite excited, now I think of your face in my sleep. I walk behind you but you don't even notice. I put my hands around your face, guess who it is. "I don't know, just tell me." You don't want to know, but you'll know me soon. If I were you, I'd sleep with one eye open, but without me you'd never be anyone. I wrote your name on the inside of my right hand then I accidentally held it up to my face. Walk with me to the side of the building we can sit by the bricks where we had our first kiss. Wipe all the blood off your foot with my t-shirt, it's okay with me, I just worry about you. Let's find a spot over there where we can lay down, we can watch the stars when they come out in two hours. I thought I saw you last night on the pillow next to my head. I wrote your name on my hand, tell me that doesn't mean something.
Track Name: Pay Me Some Attention (3)
Look over your shoulder. I'm right there, you don't even see. My air gets colder, you scare the shit out of me. I see you walking from a branch near the top of a tree. I'm behind you as you drive into the city. You don't even know I hear every word that you ever say. Pay me some attention. Why do these things never go my way?